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Founded in January 2001, 16 years of excellence  Suma Advertisning is one of the largest and leading outdoor advertising company in Bangladesh. We have more than 150 displays around the country. Our displays are all in major cities and districts and helping both local business and national brands reach most audiences every day.

Suma Advertising provides the following Outdoor Services:

  • Billboard
  • Unipole
  • Neon Sign
  • Bus and Automobile Branding
  • Shop Branding
  • Shop Sign
  • Light Box
  • Profile Box
  • Road Divider
  • Police Box
  • Information Board
  • Painting (Low and High Wall Painting)
  • All kinds of Digital Printing &
  • All Kinds of Outdoor Advertisement Solutions.


Afsar Uddin (Salim)No channel switching, no dependence on circulations, no online glitches, no fixed viewership, OUTDOOR ADVERITISING is an incredibly rich. Our OUTDOOR ADVERITISING offers the most durable, cost effective form of advertising with an ever increasing viewer base.

Suma Advertising is one of the leading and largest Outdoor Advertisement Solutions in Bangladesh. We are 16 years of experiences to provide Billboards in any area in Bangladesh specially all in major cities and districts country wide. Please feel free to contact and start your business goal with us.

Haji Mohd. Asraf Udding (Salim)
Suma Advertising

Company Profile

Name: Suma Advertising
Proprietor: Hazi Afsar Uddin (Salim)
Address: Room # B-7 1st Floor77, Siddeshwari New Circular Road
Cell Number: +8801720124404
Phone Number: 02-9350474
Man Power: Thirty Plus

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